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          The Environment & Bio-Safety 研究伦理 Committee (EBREC) is primarily concerned with the review of applications related to studies that may pose a risk to the environment as a result of, for example, the modification of or introduction of non indigenous organisms, collection of samples or the improper disposal of waste materials or chemicals. EBREC is also primarily concerned with the safety of all researchers whose studies implies coming into contact with bio-hazardous or hazardous material. It should be noted that the ebrec's decisions do not supersede any relevant statutory obligations with regards to environmental care (e.g., Genetically Modified Organisms Act no. 15 of 1997). T这里fore the researcher may have to obtain permission(s) from the necessary authorities (DEA, Nature conservation, etc.) before ethical approval can be granted.


          • 重组或合成的核酸分子
          • 其他药物和毒素
          • 血源性和其他病原体
          • 异种移植
          • 干细胞
          • 双重用途, 这可能被滥用的应用,落入坏人之手,以造成在大的社会故意威胁
          • 纳米技术,直接与人或动物的应用
          • 基因治疗
          • 转基因生物


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